Saturday, February 02, 2008

An Italian Ordination

Here is the pictoral story of our trip to Alfredo's Ordination to the Priesthood in Victoria, B.C. Ironically, I didn't get any pictures of the actual ordination ceremony itself. Mike did and I have yet to retrieve them from him.

This is Simon, all excited for his first time to Victoria:

This is Mike. He brought his passport.

Fr. Shayne, all tuckered out from a hard work week (we left early Saturday morn) and Geoff.

Myself, Dennis and Steven in front of St. Andrew's Cathedral in Victoria.

Dennis. Always joy in this guys face.

Will (this summer he will be a Madonna House postulant) and Mike at Ric's Grill downtown Victoria. Italian Wine in honour of Alfy.

A shot of Victoria from a lookout point. It is so dreary in the winter.

This is Fr. Alfredo celebrating his first Mass at the Cathedral. He did a wonderful job!

Fr. Shayne preaching for Fr. Alfredo's first Mass. He preached on how we as priests and all God's faithful are called to live a Eucharistic life. Jesus takes us, blesses us, breaks us, and gives us in service to others. Yeah, we've heard that one before from you Fr. Shayne.

I invite you to keep Fr. Alfredo always in your prayers as I am sure he will you!
All for Jesus!


increasingly nervous


Steve said...

Thanks for the "dreary" pic of vic! Some of us love winter without sun...just call us "heretics!!" next time you plan a trip to the "Wet coast" let me know because I am sooo coming with you!

Elaine :o) said...

Working hard I see!! (or hardly working?) Did you go this past weekend?? I have never been to Victoria... looks lovely there! (no snow! no ice!)