Wednesday, March 12, 2008

News relevant to Travis

Well, the Double-Double Brier is going on right now. Not sure if you all are paying attention. It's in Winnepeg and the playoffs are this weekend. Heres the scores so far.


Alberta (Martin) 8 - 0
Ontario (Howard) 7 - 1
Sask (Simmons) 7 - 1
Manitoba (Burtnyk) 5 - 3
NL (Gushue) 5 - 4
B.C. (Ursel) 4 - 4
PEI (Gallant) 3 - 5
Quebec (Menard) 3 - 6
N.Ont (Harnden) 2 - 6
Yukon/NWT (Cowan) 2 - 6
N.B. (Grattan) 2 - 7
Nova Scotia (Rafuse) 2 - 7

In other news. Harry Potter producers have decided to do 2 movies in order to do justice to the final book "Deathly Hallows." Finally they have decided 1 movie isn't long enough!

In Church news, apparently the media believes the Vatican has "updated" its 7 deadly sins with new ones, more relevant for the 21st c. Uh huh. Well, the Vatican clarified what really happened here.

And here is a quick-read quote:

"The Vatican has not published a new list of seven deadly sins; this is not a new Vatican edict," said the conference. "The story originated from an interview that Bishop Gianfranco Girotti gave to the L'Osservatore Romano in which he was questioned about new forms of social sins in this age of globalization."

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Steve said...

GO BC GO! May God be with you! (or shall I say "may the force be with you?! Go spaceballs...haha)