Monday, December 17, 2012

Rejoice Sunday!

This past Sunday sure saw a lot of activity at St. Michael parish! What a joy to be part of such a busy place!

First, Fr. Michael Fahlman came to celebrate a Mass of thanksgiving for us! He gave a beautiful homily about our joy coming from Christ! He concluded Mass with a special blessing for all the different groups of people in the parish. He said I could receive the youth blessing because I was short enough! And what a blessing to have his parents, Dot and Hilary, there to worship with us!

Next we had a Christmas brunch. It's always so nice to come together as a faith community for food and fellowship!

After cleanup we rushed over to the curling rink for some friendly competition. We managed to form 8 teams so again, what a great turnout for such a busy time of year! I was only able to curl 3 ends, but that's probably enough since I think I only hit the broom once, haha. But when I did, man I'm good!

At 3pm back at the parish we had our second monthly Mass in the Cree tradition. Our first was in November and we had about 60 people out to pray with us. This Sunday we packed in about 140! And these people are not regular church go-ers. I could tell because there was a lot of "and also with you's" out there. There is an entire crowd of people out there whom we are not ministering too. How blessed are we to be part of this new evangelization! After Mass we gathered for soup and bannock. Thank you Jesus for multiplying because we sure were not expecting that many people!

And this was just one day!

Have a blessed Advent and please, take some time to wait.


December 17 we begin the O Antiphons. Here is the one for today O Come, Thou Wisdom, from on high, and order all things far and nigh; to us the path of knowledge show, and teach us in her ways to go.

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