Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Valentines Love Story

I am hopelessly, romantically, in love. With the Church. Gee, what were you thinking? And so here is my valentines story.

Once upon a time in a small humble parish there was a lady who imagined church as place where young people needed to be. But alas, there was nothing for them.
So she started a youth program with just a few friends and their kids
nothing fancy, mostly just games.

But friendships were formed and relationships built.
Quickly, some parents arose and took leadership roles.
This group of youths expanded; the meetings more regular, more structured became!

Soon, some of them were leading teachings and prayers; and the parents, planning sessions.

Memories were made and good times were had; a couple families have moved so it wont be the same. But we continue to try and to learn and to serve.

Most recently these youth hosted a Valentines supper; spaghetti and salad, and the dessert was to die for. They served and they bussed, they laughed and enjoyed. The couples there present were unusually happy; from the newly engaged, to the faithfully aged.

Thrilled as they were to be served from these kids, more thrilled were the kids to be doing such things. After the eve whittled down to a chatter, still some of the couples and families still gathered; being with each other, is all that does matter.

Our young folk were asked what they liked what they'd change; none responded with a negative. In fact, most now want to work in a restaurant; servants, for sure, is what Christ called us for.

Two stories emerged that make me so proud; of the kids and their parents, of the St. Michael's crowd.
First, one lady, as touched as she was, made mention of how much the dinner meant to her. Emotional she got as she shared with the church; its amazing, the lives that we touch.
Second, another (among many) testimonials was offered; one kid was tipped, so excited she was, she didn't even look at the bill! She could have been handed a $5 or $100, what mattered to her was that people cared. It made the mans day, that she was so earnest. They were there for service, not personal gain.
My story does end here but it also goes on. This is my love life, my church and my God.


Andrea said...

Thanks for the positive news! Our world is too full of negative stories. We need more blogs like this.

Praveen RS said...

Really a nice story
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