Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Forever Young - Diet Pepsi

So I don't know if you have seen that new Diet Pepsi commercial? The one where people are making out at all these inconvenient places, like the drive-thru. The gist of the add is that there are easier ways to feel young, ie. drink Diet Pepsi.

I went skiing a couple weeks ago and I took that ad really seriously. I mean, who needs to get married when I can drink Diet Pepsi? I mean, it smells good, it tastes good, and when you have one, you need another! (Sorry, obscure Simpsons reference where Homer compares Beer to women. I apologize to those with an actual sense of humour.)



Darryl said...

Ooh - Wapati! I hope you enjoyed yourself there! I went with a group from Nipawin just before heading back to Edmonton in January. I hadn't seen the quad lift, so that was fun.

(and all you Alberta-ites, please don't laugh too hard...)

Elaine :o) said...

Hahaha... sense of humour...
I don't get it... ;o)
And aren't Diet drinks bad for you?!?! Only the good die young my friend, and with your corny jokes, you may live for a long time yet! :o)

Ahhh Wapati- it's so beautiful up there. And to think Lynda and I only ski in the fields of Nipawin. Consider yourself lucky!!!!!
Ps. check out my blog- I updated it again! Shocking!

andy said...

<several beers later>
... so I says to him, "you want your money? come and find it, 'cause I don't don't know where it is, ya baloney! aah, ya make me wanna wretch!"

Truly, those were some of Homer's finest words of wisdom.

Steve said...

Well Trav, I must say I was thinking about you on the way home from work today because of my pastor poking fun at me. He told me in front of a bunch of people that I need to cross myself the Lutheran way! Damn your influence **shakes fist**. but then I came to your blog and you totally redeemed yourself because you were talking about the other holy drink! I hope you had one for me too!

Friartuc said...

Dang Alberta-ites and their bounty of quad lifts!

Wapiti IS beautiful!

Andy, you truly know what real wisdom is.

Steve, I am glad I have influenced you. But yes, I am succombing to the heretical Lutheran non-alcoholic beverage. But I had wine and gin last Saturday so I am trying to redeem myself. Yay Catholics and crossing ourselves the correct way!

Jane said...

Hey Travis! I haven't said hullo for awhile, so I thought I'd make a note here to say 'hola'! Yup. That's about it really.

Andy and Jane!!! said...

Glad you enjoyed the procrastination opportunity! Uh...what were you procrastinating from? Are you preparing Catechumens & Candidates?

Friartuc said...

AndyJane, no that wasn't what I was procrastinating from. See, that kind of stuff is lots a fun! I'm still procrastinating from seminary/college reports. Oh yes, I am behind! Woohoo!

andy said...

I was always terrible with those things. He didn't like it, but I think I handed in 3 of my 4 verbatims within 2 weeks (at the very end).