Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not too smart

So I find this funny. I hope you do to. My friend Lee bought a Smart Car and so we took pics of it beside my new Mazda. He actually tried to sit in my car and he couldn't fit! But his car, which is half the size, is perfect! Go figure?!?!?

This is Lee showing how much bigger my car is than his.

Side view

Rear view

One happy customer!

The smart car is actually quite roomy . . . until you look back of course and realize there is 6" between you and the car that is about to rear-end you. On the down side, my first fill-up with Maggie (my Mazda) revealed a disapointing 9.3 l/100kms. Lucy used to get 7.5 or so on average. Well, maybe I gota start treating her nicer . . .


DarrylM said...

Is that city mileage? Not too bad, if that's the case... (just under 31mpg). If Edmonton gas stations are still using winter mix gasoline, that may also account for some of the difference.

Interesting thing I've found with my car's mileage calculator is that it doesn't always seem to be accurate. If I calculate it on my own, I get a better result than what the car's computer gives me. Weird.

Friartuc said...

Darryl, we always knew you were smarter than a car's computer! Thanks for the comment. It is city and highway actually.

Steve said...

I remember something about may 16...what was it again...oh yeah...Travis was given the "indellible character"! Congrats Father Travis...I hope you will post some pics for the poor heretics that could not make it to "God's country" because they were longing for God's Beautiful Country (emphasis in the BC)