Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A large chapter

Ok, so I can't believe it has been so long since I've been on blogger. My life has been moving a little too fast for me these last couple months. Probably because my car is so fast.
Basically the long and short of it is this:

1. I passed my exams. Got an 83, 82, 77, 76, and 73 in my 5 classes.

2. I passed jurisdictions with the proviso that I need to learn more about the canon law of marriage.

3. I went on my Diaconal ordination retreat in Meunster, SK at St. Peter's Abbey with the Benedictines. It was awsome and I got to see Sheldon Gaetz. Crazy kid.

4. I got ordained! Wow, what an awsome event! Thanks everyone for your prayers and support and especially those who came!

5. I went on holidays to Jasper. God truly dwells in the mountains, which is a hard thing for a prairie boy to admit.

6. I visited my sisters in Saskatoon and Taleah's boyfriend Todd graduated SIAST. Also, Trinette and Ryan are building a house. His garage is more square footage than his house. Way to go Ryan!

7. I went to Fathers James and Geoffery's ordination in Winnepeg. Congrats boys! It was quite an awsome, large, prayerful celebration. Those guys are gonna be awsome priests!

8. Two couples from around home here had their first child. Pray for Moise Lalonde and Seth Fedorychka!

9. We got new bishop! Fr. Albert Thévenot, M. Afr., currently Provincial of North America for the Society of Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers).

Right now I am currently back at home and have a schedule which involves much driving around.

Here is a pic of my ordination practice. I'm having a hard time uploading the rest but expect them soon.

Leave a comment and I'll pray for you. If not . . . outa luck


Steve said...

Do you have pics of your big event...us Heretics that could not make it would love to see them...also keep praying that I make it through sem...year 1 down...4 to go!!

DarrylM said...

Comment has been left!

(Oh, and congratulations! :-))

Anonymous said...

#5. Silly mountains. Yeah, they're really beautiful, but they sure block the view!