Thursday, April 10, 2008

Warmer Feet

So I have went through many vocational crisis' throughout the years, both public and private. My latest was when I had to put the roman collar on for professional pictures. I felt like I was play acting. Like I was pretending to be someone I was not. Then I felt like it was someone I never could be. Combined with lack of sleep and stress, I was getting pretty nervous. As a result, last weekend we had a retreat during which I thought I better pray about some of this stuff before I invite any more people. I sat down in front of the Lord with the Mass readings and bam, not only does he tell me i'm supposed to be a deacon but that I should shut up and quit being afraid. I'm serious, this is exactly the scripture I read, check it out.

Acts 6:1-6
The calling of the 7 deacons

John 6:16-21
Do Not Be Afraid!

Thanks for your ear as always!

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Steve said...

been there done that...and to be corny...Jesus Love you! As for wearing the collar, it is a priviledge that you should thank God for just as I do!! (as I am required to wear it for fieldwork)