Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some signs of activity

So prior to my making it home I made some stops. Of them included my foray to Wetaskiwin, the city of the automobile, to visit Fr. Marc Cramer and his family. Here is some evidence so that you know I am not lying.

These are pics of his parish.

This is the tabernacle

The baptismal font

And the statue of Mary of Medugorje

I wish I would have got pics from the Church at Hobema. It is a Native parish and there are amazing stained glass windows with Native artistic interpretations of significant events of Jesus' life.

Happy Baptism of the Lord!


Darren said...

I'm getting old, and apt to having lapses in memory, but I am sure that it is Medugorje, with a little line across the d, to indicate it has a j sound to it. It certainly is not Medugoria though...,? I think

Darren said...

Oh yea,
Make me look bad, but your grandma would have your ear for this. There referes to a place,
their is posessive.
OK get me off of here!

Friartuc said...

Right on both accounts! For my essays I rely on spell check. For the rest, I rely on God. This is important stuff and I will change it right away! Hehe! Thanks!