Saturday, September 04, 2010

How much does it cost?

A familiar question as we sit down at a restaurant to eat, or go shopping at Walmart: How much does it cost?

Have we ever considered the cost of discipleship? This Sunday Jesus tells us that we are a fool if we do not first sit down and consider the cost. But what does this mean? Does it mean that to follow Jesus costs money, so that only the rich may be disciples? No. All of us has a price to pay to be a disciple of Christ. This may mean that we need to give something up, like fasting or almsgiving. We are so burdened down by all our material possessions. Maybe we need to take on extra; prayers, bible studies, etc.

The point. You cannot purchase heaven. However, you can "purchase" happiness here on earth. If you put Christ before all, thats right, even your precious Television, happiness will follow. If we put all before Christ, when that is gone, so will your happiness.


Steve said...

Well happiness comes in watching the Riders kick the Bombers @$$ and getting paid to do so! I love parts of this job!

Friartuc said...

Haha! What? You will have to explicate on that story. Hows life Steve?

Steve said...

The other day one of the members of the church asked when I was going to come for a visit. It happened that the riders and bombers were playing the following Sunday. So after church off I went to watch the game. Turns out that he was the only one of like 10+ that wanted the Bombers to win. Fortunately the Riders won. (Yes, I blame Quinn for making me cheer for the riders). Life is kinda boring, this small town Mennonite thing is getting old and I hate that nothing is ever open on Sunday ugh. And the worst part is I can't wait to go to Sask, and I can't believe I think or feel that way, as before coming here Sask is the last place on earth I wanted to go. Still no update on me coming out. They are waiting to see when a new pastor will be installed (Tentatively for Oct 31) Because apparently he is coming from England...ugh.!

Steve said...

What are you doing on November 9th? I will be in Regina then and the conference I am at ends at noon.