Thursday, April 04, 2013

Easter Sunday Homily

This is my Easter Sunday homily notes! Blessings

All though it doesn't look like it from what we see outside, spring is a time of new life. The dead begins to grow, the farmers get read to plant to grow food for the world, gardeners have their itchy green thumb probably trying to plant in the snow. Animals and birds emerge and give rise to new life. 

Even people receive new life! I'm sure most of us were getting beyond depressed with the bleakness of winter and the sun is a welcome blessing. The brightness and length of the day giving us strength and energy.

This is what the first reading proclaims! Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit to bring new life! The new life he brings is healing and forgiveness. Oh how desperately in need of healing and forgiveness we all are. Today, through the power of Christ, we receive that! 

But it cannot stop there. If Christ heals and forgives us, so must we bring healing and forgiveness to others!

The second reading builds on this. Who would take old yeast, and try to make bread. Surely it's going to taste bad. Clean out the old yeast of malice and evil and add the new of sincerity and truth! Whatever in the past has gone bad, throw out! It is no longer good. You should have seen my fridge when I cleaned it. I think the mould had mould growing on it! It was gross. And this is what happens when we cling to unforgiveness, when we harbour grudges. It's like trying to cook with rotten food. 

But it isn't easy to get rid of the old. I get that. I bought that cheese and by Goly I'm going to cut off the mould and eat it. But it just doesn't work. 

Finally the Gospel reminds us that Jesus rose from the dead. Mary Magdelene encounters Jesus but does not recognize him! She is expecting the old Jesus and doesn't understand that he is Risen. She thinks she knows Jesus, but she doesn't. She truly sees him for who he is when He speaks her name. How many times have we thought we knew someone because of past experiences or gossip. But when we truly speak to someone and get to know them, we realize that, despite their failings, they are one of Gods children too. 

Let Easter remind us to renew our selves of love, so that we may be healed and forgiven; and renewed, may heal and forgive others.

Christ is Risen, Alleluia, Alleluia!

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