Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How's your Lent looking?

I've recently spoke with some young people who are really excited about there Lenten fast. It allows them to truly look forward to Sunday and to not take things for granted. I was really inspired by their excitement!

My own Lent has been quite fruitful as well. I gave up coffee. As an addict this was difficult. I had a migraine all of Ash Wednesday. But God has strangely given me the grace to persevere. I do drink tea now so I am getting a bit of caffeine, but all in all I feel free. I truly felt that if I didn't have coffee, my day was not right, like I was dependant on it. Fasting should make us realize that we cannot be dependant on anything or anyone besides God.

So how is your Lent going?

Remember, if you are having a difficult time giving something, make it easier on yourself. Only give it up 4 days a week, or adapt it somehow to be manageable. If you are very determined to persist but you seem to keep falling, don't despair! Even Jesus fell 3 times on his road to the Cross. Just find yourself a Simon of Cyrene to encourage you and get back up!

Happy fasting!


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Andy said...

Going well. We gave up TV & meat as a household. That's actually been going better than I'd expected. Trying to do some family prayer together (a decade of the rosary) every evening. Overall, the TV & meat thing has been surprisingly freeing, and we expect we'll keep it up (somewhat) after Lent. Well, except for during Easter. That's feasting time!