Sunday, January 28, 2007


Little Diocese on the Prairies
This last week I was in Prince Albert with my five brother Deacon Interns. We were there for some practical learning given to us by the Bishop and by Father Fiollo. What you see below are what happens when you get these types of people together in one place.
The trees look cool.

Deacon Dong D. celebrating a fake Mass

Deacon Phong T. celebrating a fake Mass

Deacon Milan S.

And you all know Deacon Greg E.

His host looks like the wings of a dove . . ..

Missing from my pic's is Ramel M. Sorry Ramel.


Father Gary said...

Oh my gosh Gweggy!

Friartuc said...

I hope Greg doesn't know about my blogsite because he might not be too happy that i posted this pic. Haha! Sorry Greg!