Friday, August 27, 2010

Banff Priest holydays

Thus returns my attempts at regular blogging:

Fr. Marc is a very prayerful holy man. Devotion with a smile :)

We got a beautiful place to stay in Banff! This was just our main floor!

Look at that TV eh?!

Oh yeah. Bikes. Best way to see the gorgeous mountains!
I hope your summer was awesome! Now get back to work you lazy bum!


Vicar Steve said...

Right back at you Father! Remember your the one forced to have sermons done on a frequent and regular basis, unlike your counterpart that has to do them on a in frequent basis. Update: I should be in Regina in early November sometime. Will update when I get more info

Friartuc said...

So what are you saying Steve? That I should treat my blog like my sermons? Haha! Hopefully get down to see you in November! God bless!